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Everyone gets thirsty, but if your symptoms occur alongside fatigue or lightheadedness, it may indicate a more significant underlying issue. At Durango Urgent Care, board-certified emergency medicine specialist Kimberlee Yeargin, MD, provides same-day diagnosis and treatment of dehydration. To make an appointment, call the office in Durango, Colorado, walk in during normal business hours, or book online.

Dehydration Q&A

What is dehydration?

Dehydration occurs when your body loses water rapidly without replenishment. If you don’t stay hydrated, your internal organs and other bodily systems don’t function as well. You’re also more likely to experience medical issues.

Anyone can get dehydrated, but it’s most common in children and senior citizens. If you feel dehydrated and your symptoms don’t improve, contact Durango Urgent Care immediately.

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

The symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Extreme thirst
  • Dry mouth and tongue
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Sunken eyes and cheeks

As the condition worsens, you might also experience dark-colored urine.

When should I visit a doctor about dehydration?

Make an appointment at Durango Urgent Care, if you experience symptoms of dehydration for more than 24 hours and they don’t improve. That’s especially true if you also experience vomiting or diarrhea. 

How is dehydration diagnosed?

To diagnose dehydration, your Durango Urgent Care provider reviews your medical records and asks about your symptoms. Then, they take your blood pressure and listen to your heart and respiratory rate. 

Your provider also orders lab work, including blood tests and urinalysis. Blood tests analyze your electrolyte levels, while urinalysis determines your degree of dehydration.

How is dehydration treated?

Treatment of dehydration involves replenishing lost water and electrolytes by drinking fluids, undergoing intravenous (IV) hydration, or both. The approach that your Durango Urgent Care provider recommends depends on various factors, including your age, the severity of your symptoms, and the cause.

If you’re in good health and mildly dehydrated, your provider might recommend drinking over-the-counter electrolyte solutions, like Pedialyte® and Gatorade®. If you’re severely dehydrated and experiencing other symptoms, like diarrhea, your provider recommends an IV. An IV contains salt, nutrients, and fluids that help restore your body to balance.

Is there any way to prevent dehydration?

The easiest way to avoid dehydration is to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Whenever you feel thirsty, take a break and have some water. Likewise, try to snack on fruits and vegetables because of their high water content.

To receive treatment for dehydration, make an appointment at Durango Urgent Care by calling the office, walking in during normal business hours, or booking online.